Interstellar vs. Star Wars



Two films that presented their own vision of the future. I much prefer the fantastical Star Wars to the dramatic and ambitious Interstellar. This ain't even close.

Yeah Interstellar was great and all, but this isn't even a question.

Alright so this might seem silly but honestly I must side with Interstellar here for now.

Star wars gets the win here because,because,because......

I didn't even realize I would have this problem, but it's a tough one for me. I'm gonna go Star Wars because it had a huge impact on me and Interstellar was just really good.

I'll be in the minority for sure, but I prefer grandeur of Interstellar over the iconic stature of Star Wars.


Interesting... Interstellar>Star Wars


Star Wars of course.

They are simply incomparable. The scientifically accurate maze that Nolan has constructed gains a special galvanization of the Audience's imagination as well as their thoughts. It does so by being a penetrative description of reality, while StarWars was more of…Seductive fantasy. Its ok for anyone to prefer either work for what it has done probably. However.., Its required to clear a distinction . However, since I am a realist, I would prefer the scientific accuracy of Interstellar.

Interstellar is, well, stellar but it's no Star Wars

Forgive the semantic misuse. Penetrative" is used wrong. The replacement should be "precise"." Seductive should be replaced by "escapist". Audiences should be replaced by "audiences". Clarify not "clear". Sorry dear readers. Poor sleep is to blame…

Star Wars smashes....