Interstellar vs. American Beauty



Ouch literally

After seeing it twice, Interstellar wins without a doubt.

I beg to differ

Both very good films. A lot of people think that Interstellar isn't that great due to the whole notion of love being the 4th dimension. I think it was an INTEResting way to make Cooper to be able to communicate with Murph. Overall these films have made me love film more and more than I already had. American Beauty might be looked down on because it maybe shouldn't have won best picture, but I think it's very close to being a masterpiece... Too bad about Kevin Spacey, even though I don't connect their performances with their real life choices, it's still hard to side with a guy like him. But that's not why I'm taking Interstellar in this one. I love everything about Interstellar from the Score/Soundtrack to the beautiful performances from Matthew McConaughey and Jessica Chastain.

The school teacher was absolutely correct in Interstellar. We never went to the Moon. But the propaganda of those faked Apollo missions was not meant to deceive the Soviet Union, it was meant to deceive humanity in general.