Interstellar vs. Taxi Driver



Very very close - but Taxi Driver takes this one. A bit better filmmaking than Interstellar

Taxi Driver is better than Interstellar on almost every level.

Taxi driver is terribly over rated

Interstellar gets this one

Very tough matchup. I love Taxi Driver but Interstellar had such an emotional impact for me.

Interstellar is THE space epic. Taxi Driver's heavy use of film techniques is only rivaled by The Shining, Apocalypse Now, and Blade Runner. Taxi Driver is a much more deep and complex film, with plenty of re watch value, so it has the edge.

Taxi Driver without question.

Taxi Driver, just a better film in every aspect.

Interstellar no question

Taxi Driver offers a better main performance, complex moral depth, and rewatch value.