Interstellar vs. Birdman



Interstellar by a microscopic hair.

While Birdman is objectively probably the better film, Interstellar captured my wonder in a way that very few films made after the 90s have done.

Gotta agree with alex. Birdman just doesn't have the entertainment value of Interstellar.

Birdman was cool but I was mostly entertained by the technical aspect. Interstellar had me completely invested with the story and was a far more thrilling experience.

Birman almost tried too hard at times to be clever. Technically it was impressive with the whole non-reflection and continuous shot, but the story really wasn't all that whereas Interstellar seemed to succeed with both.

Birdman destroys Interstellar

Birdman slips by here.

Two of 2014's best. Birdman is fantastic, but to me, Interstellar is the best of 2014.


I love Nolan films but Birdman is the brilliant film choice here.

Birdman easily.

Birdman easily. All Interstellar wanted me to do was go and watch 2001: A Space Odyssey again (which is saying a lot considering that I have never been in the Kubrick crowd to begin with). While visually spectacular, it tries too hard to be "clever" without ever giving time to build good character traits, personalities or relationships (the whole father/daughter thing felt far too precocious for me), with characters simply there to spout exposition rather than give any good reason as to why we should be awed by what we are seeing (something which films like Apollo 13, The Right Stuff, Sunshine, heck even Gravity, managed to do (considering that the latter had a script which played like the excess detritus exfoliated from a thousand B-movies)). Birdman, while maybe a little simplistic, still managed to bring something different to the table as far as cinematic technical innovation is concerned, managed to craft several dynamic characters with excellent performances to match, still touched on a number of thematic issues (cinema culture vs theatre culture, finding life after youth, the changing face of social media and public perception of art with time etc) and managed to be entertaining and self-contained throughout. Maybe my negativity with regards to Interstellar is down to me being disappointed by the film after the hype; I certainly don't hate the film, but there are plenty of films in that genre which I would rather go and watch again. So for that reason, Birdman wins with little difficulty.


Interstellar isn't perfect, but it's far, far better than Birdman. The feelings that these two left me with are so wildly different. Birdman mad me angry, Interstellar left me in shock.

I prefer birdman

I actually have opposite feelings about 2nd and 2rd comments, to me Interstellar is objectively the better film but Birdman offers higher entertainment value. Interstellar had better moments overall but Birdman is much more fun, consistent, and engaging. I'll give Keaton and Edward the edge over Matthew and Anne