Interstellar vs. No Country for Old Men



Tough but I'll go with No Country

Interstellar far surpasses No Country. I think No Country is definitely a good film but Interstellar struck a much deeper core for me.



This is tough, because I didn't love Interstellar as much as I wanted to, and No Country really blindside me (in a bad way) with its ending. That said, I believe I loved the first three quarters of No Country enough for it to win here.

No Country and it's not close

Interstellar by quite a bit.

Gotta rewatch Interstellar to refresh my memory on it, but from what I remember it's visually appealing and a beautiful spectacle. No Country for Old Men, I immediately fell in love with the performances, cinematography, sound design, etc. It features a simple plot with complex themes so you can understand everything on your first viewing but you can still rewatch and analyze it to understand and appreciate it further.

After rewatching Interstellar, it still remains fantastic despite me probably enjoying it slightly less but understanding it much better. It still falls victim to the Coens masterpiece.