Interstellar vs. Videodrome



Both films suck their main characters into what's coming without a second's hesitation. Forcing them to question reality, humanity and other contrivances.

Videodrome by a longshot.

I'd go with Interstellar, but can't say I "LOVED" either...

Videodrome all the way.

videodrone easy


Long live the new flesh.

interstellar is beautiful, but its appeal doesn't extend further for me; i love videodrome, though

Interstellar was the equivalent of bad gas.

Videodrome by a mile. Interstellar is intriguing but is bogged down by many typical Christopher Nolan flaws (too much exposition, too many aggrandizing speeches about the film's importance, Hans Zimmer's music constantly pounding in your face every scene etc). Videodrome, while not entirely original with its themes, conveys far more mystery and wonder with its storytelling.