Interstellar vs. John Wick



Two of the years most overrated efforts to be sure.

John Wick was a good stylized action film but Interstellar is on a whole different level for me. Easy to see why some people might dismiss it but I thought it was a very well crafted film.

Full of riveting performances, strong, though-provoking ideas, and stunningly brilliant cinematography, Nolan once again proves why he is the biggest innovators of cinema (Both Modern and classic), He has taken clinical sci-fi stories such as 2001 and implemented the heart and soul that many of them have sorely lacked in previous eras. As 2001 was an allegory to religious belief, Interstellar is to the notion that Man is an ever evolving species who owe their development to themselves, not other worldly beings who "bless" us with their assistance. The visuals are simply out of this world (LITERALLY!). The sheer scope of space exploration conveyed in this instant classic is sure to inspire future generations, both in the art of film making and space exploration. It also uses the aspect of "No sound in space" to the best ability I've ever seen, Used to convey awe, tension, action, terror, and to simply progress a story without any lulls (The revolving Docking Sequence still gets me as I sit here typing), unlike other aspects of entertainment which use the "no sound" aspect in dull time wasters without any emotional attachment or story progression (i.e. Firefly). As stated, there isn't a single bad performance throughout this film, and several of them are outstanding, such as McConaughey, particularly during his viewing of the 23 years of logs, with Anne Hathaway, Matt Damon, Michael Caine and Jessica Chastain rounding out an impressive supporting cast, alongside a wonderfully antagonistic robot named Tars, whose charm and wit will give any flesh-and-blood character in the upcoming year of cinema a run for their money. The plot has various twists and turns, both large and small (as expected with Nolan) with all of them feeling organic and hitting all the right beats. Overall, this is easily the best sci-fi film in decades and another feather in the cap of Nolan's increasingly impressive resume.


I enjoyed Interstellar, but it's not one of my favorite Nolan movies. The Spielberg/Kubrick thing kind of works against him. You can see the lovey twist coming 15 minutes into the movie and Kubrick had the balls to go balls-out nuts with 2001's ending. The first half had me, but when things hit space, I wanted more. We don't see much of the planets they land on (if you're a science nerd, you'll enjoy picking apart the why's of some of the reasoning behind this), and I expected something, I dunno, grander(?) of its ending. McConaughey continues to be the man though. "But John Wick is too SIMPLE", some will say. Fuck these people, I say. It's lean and it's fun. *This* is the Keanu I grew up watching. That calm, movie-star cool with some Badass sprinkled on top of it. The material's fun, and Leitch, Stahelski, and the the actors have fun with it. The action is awesome and technically solid, with Keanu looking like the second coming of Chow Yun-Fat. There's some crazy, creative judo-gun-fu shit in this flick, and I'd say it's the best American action movie of the year. I enjoyed watching Keanu going on a killing spree over a puppy more than I did Interstellar, what can I say?

I loved John Wick and it had the best action scenes of the entire year, but come's Interstellar...

Interstellar because it was an event, and I'm happy to say that I got to.see that movie in theaters. I love john wick but its not better than interstellar in any way shape or form.

What hambone88 said...

Interstellar: B+ John Wick: B

Yeah, FUCK me! Uh, wait...

I was much more engaged by Wick...

John Wick for being an unexpected surprise in contrast to Interstellar unexpected disappointment.

John Wick was fine but nowhere near as good as Interstellar

John Wick !

This site hates interstellar lol. It’s better than John Wick by far.

John Wick 1 is a great action flick that has been surpassed by ita sequels, Interstellar is an amazing accomplishment in visuals, sound, and set design.