Interstellar vs. The Matrix



Cool pairing but I'm going with Interstellar

I appreciate The Matrix but Interstellar definitely wins for me.

The Matrix for now. Still recovering from Interstellar.....

The Matrix, but Interstellar needs some time despite the fact that I've already seen it twice. :)

Battle of two awesome sci-fi flicks. Right now, Matrix takes it, but I feel Interstellar will outlast it given several re-views.

The Matrix in an absolute beating...

I'm gonna pick Interstellar for now.

Neo and company vs. Explorer's crew. Matrix by a blowout.

Not really a fan of The Matrix. Interstellar takes this one very easily for me.

The Matrix

Interstellar holds up on repeat viewings.

Probably Interstellar. Better acting, cinematography and soundtrack

Interstellar by far, matrix is underwhelming and overrated.

I have no doubt that Interstellar is a better film objectively by a country mile, but... it is in desperate need of a rewatch. The Matrix while maybe a bit underwhelming and overrated film as stated above, I still believe it is a fun, mind-bending, and intriguing experience. After I rewatch Interstellar, I'm pretty sure it'll definitely win but for right now I pick The Matrix barely.

Interstellar>The Matrix

Interstellar is honestly one of the dumbest movies I have ever had to endure. No contest here at all.


The Matrix never gets old.

Interstellar is the greater achievement in almost every department. The Matrix Is cool and fascinating but the acting is lackluster. Matthew destroys Keanu.

I love Matrix but Interstellar is truly the greater achievement