Interstellar vs. Apollo 13



Interstellar is better. Come at me.

Apollo 13 all the way. One of the my favorites vs. The worst film of the worst director ever.

No Doubt-Intersteller

Apollo 13. Easily....

Apollo 13

Interstellar by far.

Interstellar by a little

Both great. Interstellar wins.

Yeah, I'll go with Interstellar. Apollo 13 tells a good story grounded in reality, but science fiction is so much more exciting.

Shit this is a tough one. Interstellar is amazing, Apollo 13 is amazing, so what I'm going to use to separate this is that Christopher Nolan is one of my five favorite directors so I'm giving him the win. Also I like the 2010s more than the 1990s(unpopular opinion) so I'm giving Interstellar the win for that as well. Cheap reasons for the win but I can't really decide just on the movies.



Interstellar reigns supreme.