Doctor Sleep vs. The Shining



As good was doctor sleep was but the shining is further far great is still it is.

Absolutely loved doctor sleep but the shining still goes the higher quality.


Doctor Sleep was very good, but of course it doesn't top The Shining.

The Shining is my all time favourite horror movie so you would expect that I was very excited for Doctor Sleep. This year we've had Us which was really good, Midsommar which was incredible and now Doctor Sleep which is just... fine. While the acting is all on point and the filmmaking is competent, I feel the story they told was the wrong one. The Shining has such complex internal conflict with hidden details and messages while Doctor Sleep is just a straightforward good vs evil narrative. I did enjoy Doctor Sleep for trying to stand on its own without relying heavily on "The Shining" brand until the third act threw that away and just became a string of fan service and callbacks. Sure, seeing Danny decades later is interesting but nowhere near as fascinating as anything in The Shining!

Decontextualized spoilers will follow, but do not read my comment until you saw the movie. I actually liked Doctor Sleep for most of its runtime. But once it gets in the Overlook Hotel - or, to be more specific, once Rose gets out of the maze. Things were ruined quickly from there, especially that friggin' scene with the ghosts, gosh. The Shining is still The Shining, so, not much to talk about.

Both are very good films in their own unique ways, but I agree with everyone else.

in the minority here but I love both but slightly prefer doctor sleep

Love both but I prefer doctor sleep

Doctor Sleep was never going to beat The Shining, but it never came close to even matching it.

Doctor Sleep is fine but it's no match for the original.


Doctor Sleep was very enjoyable but The Shining is on another level.