Edward Scissorhands vs. Ed Wood



OOoooooooh! Here's two films that are prime for a show down! Same director, same star even the sam first syllable in the title. However that's pretty much where the similarities end. Edward Scissorhands is set in a fantasyland of amazing colour and outlandish set design. Ed Wood is an attempt to tell the story of a real person trafficing in some of the gritty cinematic techniques of the '50's. I think the outgoing nature and frank sexuality of Ed Wood is more enjoyable to watch than Edward's shyness and sexlessness, but both are excellent performances by Johnny Depp. I'm going with Ed Wood, I prefer the scuzziness of his world rather than the polished finish in Edward's suburbia. I also love the line where Ed Wood is on the line to someone who just financed his last movie "The worst film you've ever seen, you say? Well, the next one will be better!"

That's a tough one. Two Eds, both by Tim Burton. Both fantastic. But I've got to go with Ed Wood. One of the most underrated and best films of the 1990s.

Ed Wood, my favorite biopic.

It is fantasy that Tim Burton really has an eye for, and Edward Scissorhands serves as the best example of that. Ed Wood was a fine film, yet one lacking in the palpable charm of Edward Scissorhands.

While the fantastical element of Edward Scissorhands is fantastic, Ed Wood has a huge ensemble of amazing characters, and a even more amazing script. Siding with the second Ed.

Two of my favorite movies; not just Tim Burton movies, but of any movies. Two of my favorite performances; not just Johnny Depp performances, but of any performances. They're both really fantasies, despite one being based on a real story, but it's told fancifully, a little fast and loose with the actual facts and people involved. That's not a criticism per se; I believe it's exactly as it should be. Edward Scissorhands has such a sweet elegance to it. It's a classic fairy tale transposed into a fairy tale version of contemporary society. Ed Wood is funnier and a little more pointed about the machinations of Hollywood, and it is a love story, but it's about a love of family and your own passions. Edward Scissorhands is much simpler. Both stories are about outsiders struggling against conventional notions, but the purity and directness of the themes of Scissorhands gives it just a little more heart, and it has a stronger resolution.

This is a hard one. I am going with Ed Wood because I love the real Ed Woods movies.

I love Tim Burton's fantasy, but he made a better fantasy in Big Fish than Scissorhands. Ed Wood on the other hand is a better performance by Johnny Depp and Martin Landau also, as a whole it just has so much to say about movies, reality, and critiquing. Wood wins.


I prefer the Ed with the Scissors.

Landau as Lugosi alone is enough for "Ed Wood" to get my vote.

I would choose Edward Scissorhands by a notch.

Ed Wood is easily Tim Burton's best movie.

Most definately Ed Wood wins.Although both come highly recommended.

The Ed with Tim Burton, Johnny Depp and released in 90s wins.

Edward Scissorhands was and still is a fantastic movie. I cant wstch Ed Wood without seeing Depp portray his version of Willy Sonja. It's distracting.

I'd have to roll with Ed Wood....


Edward Scissorhands is my favorite Depp and Burton film. It was magical and touched my heart and funny bone. It is a loving tribute to horror films and the sorrow and beauty of being different. It nailed the phony concept of the perfect life of the innocent suburb with its blatant racism issues. It is as relevant today as it ever was and reminds me of that lyric in the Talking Heads song "Same as it ever was".

Gotta go with Ed Wood here. Scissorhands has moments of pure brilliance but as a sustained film Ed Wood takes it. This is Burton's crowning achievement.

Ed Wood is a masterpiece with great acting, filmmaking and emotions in regretting the past and optimism of the future! Edward Scissorhands has its moments but overall I didn't find it very engaging.