Patriots Day vs. Deepwater Horizon



on 4/4/2017

No comments? Wow. Two 2016 Peter Berg movies starring Mark Wahlberg. I liked both of them but I'm giving the edge to Patriot's Day

on 8/27/2017

Both were a little better than I expected them to be, but my vote is going to go with Deepwater Horizon. Patriots Day had a very slow first act where DH jumps into the conflict right away.

on 10/7/2017

Deepwater Horizon is a perfect symphony of destruction, but Patriot's Day gets the edge for stronger connections to the characters

on 8/2/2019

Two really good, true-to-life, destructive dramas. Berg and Wahoberg are a good pairing. I'd rather watch Deepwater Horizon again, but I initially ranked Patriot's Day higher. Looks like I need to re-rank one or both.

on 8/3/2019

Liked them both but I like Mark Wahlberg's hamburgers even more!

on 8/3/2019

Definitely enjoyed both....but it's Patriot's Day...