Drunken Master vs. Saturday Night Fever



Drunken Master is great. I love vintage Jackie Chan.

I'd rather get smashed On The General's Orders than party to any BeeGee song...ever.

I dig DM, but I don't think Jackie really got into his groove until Project A. It's a blast, but it's missing the setpieces I usually look for in his movies. Oh, and SNF ain't half-bad either. Neither are the Bee Gees. :)

Yeah, I'll go along with that first sentence (though I think The Young Master was JC's first really awesome movie). I cannot in good concience condone that last bit about the Bee Gees though. Nope!

Haven't seen it yet, but I've always heard good things. And from what I've heard of the finale, it sounds like I'd like it more than DM. And come on! You don't like Stayin' Alive or Holiday. The Bee Gees are waaaay before my time, but come on.