Annie Hall vs. Manhattan




Oh, man. Manhattan is brilliant and gorgeous, but I think Annie Hall's consistent tone and endless stream of gags edges it out ever so slightly.

Two of Allen's greatest, but I have to give it to Annie Hall, so much wit and originality in that one.

Agreed... ANNIE HALL. It's probably the most impact Woody ever had on cinema, offering us a prototype of the new, improved romantic comedy for anyone brave enough to defy the prevailing formulas. MANHATTAN is such a wonderful film, tho...

I think it's one of the toughest choices I've ever made on this site. But I have to go with Manhattan.

Annie Hall is my favorite Allen movie, but Manhattan is 4th or 5th. Tough one.

Annie Hall is the popular choice, but I prefer Manhattan. The city is a bit more graceful and centered here. A bit more understated in its approach.

Love both these movies, but Manhattan is the one I love most.

hmm thats tough. love manhattan's cinematography but im going with annie hall.

Manhattan has better visuals and a very emotional story, and it's one of my favorite films. But i choose Annie Hall mostly because it's more creative, it's funnier, and I prefer Keaton as Annie rather then Marry. And it's also one of my favorite films

It's a tough call, but I give a slight edge to Manhattan in this matchup. It's amusing how Woody Allen portrays his 42-year-old character's sexual relationship with a 17-year-old girl as if it ISN'T totally perverted. Weirdo.


I'll take Annie Hall. Manhattan is weighed down by heavy neuroticism with little of the humour to break it up. Annie Hall is far more emjoyable.

Manhattan wins a close contest of Woody Allen flicks I don't particularly like all that well...

Annie Hall

Both are very good films from Woody. It's tough, but I'll go with Annie Hall.

Manhattan is a much better crafted and more cynical depiction of the neurotic, intellectual and chauvinistic minds that occupy 70's New York. One of the most prevalent films of its time.

Manhattan is superior to Annie Hall, but neither one is close to Crimes and Misdemeanors.