Annie Hall vs. Schindler's List



Two spectacular films. On some other day I might go the other way, but right now I'd have to go with Schindler's List. I love Annie Hall, it's hilarious, heartbreaking, imaginative, simply brilliant in every way. Except as it nears the end. Woody Allen was setting out to make a different film and I think you can tell as the film enters its final act. The story trails off and the film loses some steam, until the final powerful scene. Schindler's List could be accused of sentimentalizing history, but it really is a masterpiece.

Gotta go with Annie Hall, such a groundbreaking and supremely made film

Schindler's List. Period

Schindler's List is a superbly made film, but very depressing, so I could only watch it once in a while. It has the slight edge here though Annie Hall is great.

Best Story: Schindler's List Best Main Character: Schindler's List Best Writing: Annie Hall Best Supporting Cast: Schindler's List Best Style: Schindler's List Better film: Schindler's List

Overall Annie Hall is amazing because of the writing. Annie Hall as well as those Oscar nominated Woody Allen scripts are like the Wallace & Gromit shorts where they're not knee-slapping funny but they hook you in because of how charming it is. But even I admit it will never be as amazing as Schindler's List. Schindler's List has perfect acting, production design, cinematography, editing, sound design, music and writing. And the atmosphere is gothic in some ways. So Schindler's List wins and it's in my top 3 favorite movies of all time.

Yeah, it's easily Schindler's List here. Annie Hall gets a shrug from me.