Licence to Kill vs. You Only Live Twice



Everything that Daniel Craig has been lauded for doing, Timothy Dalton did twenty years earlier. "Licence to Kill" was, in a lot of ways, the first time that Fleming's novel "Live and Let Die" received a proper movie adaptation.

I love both of these, but LTK has the slightest of edges.

Licence to Kill is my favorite pre-Brosnan Bond, just slightly ahead of From Russia With Love. Alas, I fear my memory of You Only Live Twice is pretty weak.

License to Kill easily.

Connery plus an army vs army climax? Edge to YOLT

I'm going against the flow. LTK is too dark, americanised and rather pretentious for a Bond movie. I like You Only Live Twice, despite Connery's poor performance and the subplot of Bond going under disguise as a Japanese fisherman, but it was still exciting and well made enough for me to give it a pass!