The Evil Dead vs. Dawn of the Dead



I can't believe nobody has commented on this...It's obviously DotD though.

If it was Evil Dead 2 v Dawn of the Dead, I'd have a problem. Dawn!

The first two horror movies that really made an impression on me as a kid. Gotta go with Dawn, because it left a more impression-y impression.

The Evil Dead was wickedly creative with the way the cameras were used, but Dawn of the Dead was a dreadful blast!

The Evil Dead for me.

DAWN was more of a smarter film dealing with society issues and consumerism very good story good make-up both Evil Dead is way better more viseral and intense the Camera tricks and shots were revolutionary and there was no CGI just props and great make-up- the Tree's in the opening and the Possession scenes are still great- Evil Dead wins this close one.

Ash for the win.

Dawn of the Dead,

Dawn is probably the "better" film, but Evil Dead is a little more fun. Close call, but gonna go with Ash

enjoy evil dead but dawn of the dead more rewatchable

I like Evil dead better I loved the way they filmed it