The Evil Dead vs. Army of Darkness



No contest. I dig AoD, but to me, it's easily the weakest of the DEAD trilogy.

both are groovy but my vote goes to Army of Darkness because of the humor

Army of Darkness is the more flawed film, but it is still better in spite of its flaws.

As entertaining as Army of Darkness is, I enjoy the creppiness and the sheer balls to the wall gore of the first one more.

I'm gonna have to go with Evil Dead, simply because it got there first and it's more impressive as a personal and professional achievement. But I find AoD the most consistently entertaining.

Saw all three of the films when they came out, and while I adore AoD, the original made such a massive impression on my just out of high school. Literally so mind-blowing, I saw it three more times that week, dragging different groups of people to it each time. Most of them forgave me... Most...

i'm a fan of all of em, but in this matchup i have to go with the original

Army of Darkness lost all of what the first two films had, and just became a kind of unfunny, generic adventure film. Stick to the formula of Evil Dead, please!

I had a few problems with Army of Darkness. For one, it felt off. A bit different from the first two. But the humor was still. YO she bitch! At some points it felt like the Three Stooges because of the eye poking. The creautres were different. I felt like the people who made the movie felt like the first two were really popular and they wanted to make the third movie more epic, but wanted to go in a difference direction. They obvisouly had a higher budget to work with. The humor was better in AoD, but the first one actually had a better concept. Both were good, but like i said, it felt off. Still very entertaining.

Army of Darkness. It's too damn awesome.

army of darkness is the more enjoyable film in my opinion, but Evil Dead 2 beats them both

I'm going with Army of Darkness. It's groovy.

Evil Dead 2 is great but Army of Darkness is GOLD in my book.

Neither of these touch Evil Dead 2, but I'm giving Army of Darkness the win over the original.

Army of Darkness was the coolest shit ever when I was 13. But The Evil Dead still holds up.

The utter madness of Army of Darkness gives it an edge over The Evil Dead, a movie that is monotonous to the point of being dreadfully boring.

Monotonous, how?

Army of Darkness. I actually think the original Evil Dead is the worst of the three....

An evil demon(s) attacks/possesses some college student in/around a secluded cabin. Then, it happens again. And again. And again. It just gets redundant (for me, anyway).

Army of Darkness

I am not a horror guy so I was very surprised at how much I liked the first one. I expected to like the sequels even more, because they aren't just straight up horror, but I actually liked the first one the best. The Evil Dead wins it.

After rewatching the trilogy I now think that II is the best, but I is still better than III.

The first is my favourite of the trilogy, with II slightly behind and III quite far back in last. I do like all them despite that.

Now I'm going with The Evil Dead on this one but Army of Darkness is still fantastic but I'm going with Evil Dead mainly because it was not as goofy as Army of Darkness was now yes the goofy ness does make it a lot more funnier and fun but it also took away the scary ness feel to it that The first one had which for me I prefer scary over goofy which again the goofy ness made it really fun and original but it did take the scary feel of it away so my choice is out there I will go with The Evil Dead

I don't mind if a horror movie is goofy but I wish they would keep in some of the horror feel in it

Evil Dead still one of the premiere Horror movies Army is more fun and action.the first is the best.

The best of Evil Dead series. Both are sooooooo good, and much better than the second one. It's hard not to pick the epicness of Army of Darkness on this one, but both are sure fantastic.

I don't want e.d. so I will choose a.d.

The second one is easily the best out of the series but between these two, The Evil Dead is the better movie by a small margin.

Army of Darkness easily, I honestly liked the Evil Dead reboot more than the first Evil Dead