Demon Knight vs. Bordello of Blood



The Crypt Keeper is soooo sexy! His image on a poster guarentees all the ladies would check it out.

I have a soft spot for both of these movies, but it must be known that my choice is Bordello of Blood, only because its a lot more fun, where as Demon Knight is just a straight horror movie. It's a tough call, but Bordello of Blood gets my vote.

I enjoyed Demon Knight a lot more.

Dennis Miller was pretty hilarious in Bordello of Blood but I prefer Demon Knight with Billy Zane at his Billy Zaniest.

No contest here. Demon Knight is my absolute favorite comedic horror film.

I use to watch the show a lot when I was little scared the poop out of me however I was not a big fan of their films they did Bordello of Blood was boring and really sucked in my opinion Demon Knight is ok I have to re visit these two films to see where my opinion goes but ok is certainly better than suck so my answer is pretty much clear