North by Northwest vs. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring



North by Northwest is the ultimate popcorn movie. Audiences follow Cary Grant as he is chased through the streets of Manhattan, across desolate fields in the middle of nowhere, and across the faces of the presidents at Mount Rushmore. It's a breathless ride. The same can be said for The Fellowship of the Ring. Peter Jackson's Middle Earth is a masterpiece of art direction and special effects and his interpretation of Frodo's epic quest to destroy the One Ring is equally astounding. What we have here is two great films, but my choice is North by Northwest. Alfred Hitchcock is one of the most unique and genius directors to ever work in Hollywood and his works are hard to beat.

Love NXNW, but FOTR wins this one.

Fellowship is my least favorite of the trilogy (it is still #12), but it beats my second favorite from Hitchcock.

My favorite director unfortunately hasn't created my favorite film, Peter Jackson did

Fellowship is now my favorite of the trilogy (currently my #4) and North by Northwest is still my second favorite from Hitchcock and it is my #33. The Fellowship still wins, but it is certainly close.

North by Northwest. Almost nothing beats that.