North by Northwest vs. Dial M for Murder



North by Northwest is good and Cary Grant gives on of the best leading man performances in any Hitchcock movie but there is just something about Dial M for Murder that I love more than any other movie from the master of suspense.

This is a realy, realy hard choice. Both classic movies, both did exceptionally well what they were supposed to do. I kinda liked a little bit more Dial M for Murder though.

North by Northwest is better.

I thought both were great, but North by Northwest is better.

Dial M is an underrated gem from Hitchcock. Still don't know if I can put it ahead of NXNW though.

You can't put it above N X NW? Well that's exactly what I'm gonna do.

NxNW...but I had to think a bit.

NXNW has a much more intricate plot with twists and turns all the way. That's really not a true knock against Dial M though as that wasn't what Hitch was trying to accomplish with Dial M. NXNW also has a better cast with Cary Grant, James Mason, and Eva Marie Saint. Loved Dial M/s cast as well though with Ray Milland and Grace Kelly. Script goes to NXNW. Such snappy dialogue. Cinematography goes to NXNW as well. Altogether, NXNW just looks more refined than Dial M. NXNW has a grandiose feel to it when you consider its scope and the Mt. Rushmore scene towards the end. I love Dial M, but it's just a notch below NXNW.

I love Hitchcock