North by Northwest vs. The Birds



I was really disappointed with The Birds. I love Hitchcock but it is probably my least favorite of his works. North by Northwest on the other hand was a great suspense thriller. One of his most acclaimed and all is deserved.

I think I'm the one person in the world who doesn't care about North by Northwest. It just does nothing for me. The auctionhouse scene is hilarious and the plane scene is classic, but other than that, I find it all pretty boring. I actually like it less than the birds, which, apart from any scene involving a psychologist, is probably the silliest thing Hitch ever directed.


North by Northwest is an edge of your seat thriller and The Birds is the stuff for nightmares. North by Northwest is a better film all around.

Both great movies, but North by Northwest is more complete.

I couldn't get over just how silly The Birds looked. I had heard it touted as one of the best horror films of all time, but I had a hard time imagining how someone could find the movie frightening. I was laughing at the ridiculousness of it all more than I was in suspense. That said, it was an okay movie. Just not one I can take seriously as a horror movie. North by Northwest, though, is Hitchock's best, in my opinion, and stars Cary Grant, which gives it an even greater edge up on The Birds than it already had.

North By Northwest was the first the first Hitchcock movie I saw and I was instantly a fan, but it was The Birds that made me an even bigger fan. For now, I'm going to go with The Birds.

The Birds is okay but, let's face it, it's not one of Alfred Hitchcock's better films. North by Northwest wins easily.

North by Northwest is better. The Birds was a letdown for me.

North by Northwest is my second favorite Hitchcock film, The Birds is not my favorite.

The Birds will NEVER touch NBN. In fact, to call it one of Hitch's five or six greatest films (which it is called by critics) is overpraising it. It isn't that great. NBN, on the other hand, deserves all its praise.

Both are favs. of mine, but North by Northwest it is.