Halloween vs. Halloween II



Halloween II is a good sequel but can't compete with its predecessor.

Agreed. These two would work as a great double feature. I just wish that the films would have stopped after the second.

As much as I love the original Halloween movie, to me the sequel makes for a more terrifying film. I must pick the sequel, which was just a tiny bit better than the original.

I liked Halloween II better. It was scarier.

Halloween II was more frighten than first

Halloween wins it has more tension and the better opening and end scene you dont know whats going on sure the sequel has more death scenes but none were as intense as the first Myers uses his cloak and dagger and pure strenth to kill without all the weapons in the hospital.

Halloween II was a weak follow-up. It's not terrible, but it does severely lack the suspense of the original. Instead, it feels like a traditional slasher sequel, i.e. it goes for shock value and a higher bodycount. Which is fine, but that makes it more like your standard Friday the 13th sequel. Take that for what it's worth.

Halloween has nail biting suspense over Halloween.

The first Halloween was easily one of the 100 best films ever made, the soundtrack is fantastic and scary, the opening scene was well-executed and one of - maybe THE - best opening scenes i've seen. The climax and ending is both fantastic and horrifying. Halloween II was an good sequel, but the first is simply fantastic.

Oh, my halloween double feature of 2014.

I agree with Spoon here.

I really like the second one but the first one takes the cake.

Friday the 13th copied Halloween, but Halloween II copied Friday the 13th as far as body count and stupidity factor. The hospital scenes are dreadfully slow. No wonder Carpenter doesn't like it. The original takes the cake....even the extended version which makes Michael and Laurie siblings is better than 2

H2 is great, but it can’t come close to a movie beyond perfection.

these are both 10/10 for me but original wins

Original easily but sequel is good too

Halloween II is more fun

None of the Halloween sequels top the perfection of the original

Only Halloween sequel that comes close to the original is H20