Halloween vs. Psycho



I love Hitchcock but for some reason I find Psycho to be a bit overrated. Sure it is shocking that the 'main' character dies halfway through the movie and I do enjoy watching it but it is far from Hitchcock's best. On the other hand I can not speak higher of Halloween, my love for it knows no bounds.

I agree with you, Psycho is a tad bit overrated, I actually find North by Northwest Hitchcocks best... way more enjoyable. On the other hand, I really wasn't that impressed with Halloween oddly enough, so Psycho still gets my vote.

Psycho is the king of the slasher movie genre. Fifty years later, it still has retained all of its shocks and scares. I recently watched this again with four of my friends who had never seen a Hitchcock film and had somehow managed to not already know the story of Marion Crane and the Bates Motel. The shower scene was a complete surprise for them and the final twist and even bigger one. It is the clear winner here, but Halloween does not live entirely in its shadow. John Carpenter meant for Halloween to be an homage to Psycho (right down to casting Jamie Leigh-Curtis as his lead), but Halloween is as scary and influential in its own right. I cannot give enough praise to either movie, but Psycho is a slight cut above Halloween.

Psycho for sure.

Halloween's really bad for Carpenter. It totally lacks the quirks and personality of his other films--going back to it now it just seems like the first dumb, disposable slasher. Psycho's something more than that.

Halloween scared me so much as a kid that I couldn't finish the movie. That being said, Psycho is pretty damn amazing.


Psycho is the better film but I definitely like Halloween a whole lot more. Take that as you like.

Definetely Psycho

Michael beats Norman


Loved Halloween, but it doesn't stand a chance here.

Psycho is the superior film in my opinion because Norman has a more disturbing personality. Both are classics though.

Both are amazing, but Psycho is probably more.


Halloween is better in my opinion, but Psycho is Hitchcock's best and the best slasher movie right next to Halloween.

They are both pioneers of the Horror genre and especially the Slasher genre, but Psycho is the better film


Hitchcock does it better.

Going to prefer Psycho here.

Halloween has taken so much influence from psycho, anyone who says anything to the contrary is deluding themselves. Without psycho, there is no Halloween, and everything I like about Halloween is in psycho. Except for Donald Pleasence. But I like Anthony Perkins more.

Oooh, interesting comparison! Love Halloween, but it's not 'quite' the unambiguous masterpiece that Psycho is imho

Good match up. Both masterpieces, but Hitchcock beats Carpenter but not by much.