Halloween vs. Trick 'r Treat



This is like having to decide between "It's a Wonderful Life" and "A Christmas Story".

You know what? I'm calling it. 15, 20 years from now, Trick 'r Treat will be for Halloween what A Christmas Story is for Christmas. It's like Goosebumps for adults. There might be better horror movies (it's up there, though), but I can't think of a better Halloween movie. It's not necessarily scary, but who said it had to be? It's an awesome celebration of Halloween and the horror genre itself. It's a lot like Creepshow, in that way - horror for horror's sake, just for shits and gigs.

Two great horror films, I have to go with the classic Halloween though. It has many fond moments for me!

Damn right Tory. It's the perfect film to watch on Halloween, and it's one of the best anthology films ever made. I still prefer Halloween, but Trick 'r Treat is definitely a fun ride.

*bump kind of post because of Halloween and stuff and because this matchup is relevant and cool*

Seriously, people, do a double feature with Halloween and Trick 'r Treat.

Such a randomly generated match-up, haha.

Trick 'r Treat was waaaaay odd, and uninteresting. It don't got my attention. What ever, what matters is my enjoyment. I don't enjoy it, and even think it's pretty stupid. Isn't for me, probably. Halloween, on the other hand, was a masterpiece. It's top 20 for sure.

I really liked Trick 'r Treat, but Halloween is a top 10 movie for me.

Halloween absolutely but Trick 'r Treat definitely deserves the rising amount of attention it's getting each year. Great little film

No contest. Halloween is a far better movie. That doesn't mean Trick 'r Treat is bad, it's actually very good, but Halloween is groundbreaking.

Love 'em both....but I'm breaking the cycle here...but not without much angst....

Halloween is a classic, but Trick R Treat is just so much fun

Hello again.

I'll join the underdogs here and pick Trick 'r Treat. Halloween is great, but it's also undeniably a bit dated, whereas I think in a few years or so people will look back on Trick 'r Treat as a timeless classic.