The Spiderwick Chronicles vs. Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events



Having not read the Spiderwick Chronicles I have no opinion as to how well this realized the books. It was a good film that had a great blend of classic children's storytelling with a a few unexpected elements mixed in to keep it fresh. ASOUE, however, is an adaptation which starts with superior source material and does that rare thing where it dramatically changes the structure of the story while remaining true to the spirit and emotional core of these rich and compelling books. Not Close.

Agree with Flickme....ASOUE is a solid movie, inspired by epic storytelling. Love the Thomas Newman soundtrack also...

umm both not good for the books but i give the benifit of the doubt to unfortunate events because all of the books were not written yet and had johhny deep


Jim Carrey delivers the win here with the Tim Burton like cinematography.

The thing that killed me about Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events is how it paled so much in comparison to the books. Seriously, the books are incredible, I can't recommend them enough. The movie is fine, but not much beyond that, and it takes so many liberties from the book. Admittedly, not all of these changes are bad, but I don't think a movie based on the series was a good idea, the books weren't designed to be on a screen. I never did read The Spiderwick Chronicles, but the movie was very entertaining, though not much more.

Spiderwick was forgettable to say the least,but well,well..."Lemony" was such a good surprise. Burton-ish Vibe,good casting,some themes that you don't see a lot on "family movies" (they really don't treat kids as stupid moorons here) and by god,what a OUTSTANDING Jim Carrey Performance. Call him over the top,exaggerated,i don't care..he really matches this role like a glove.