Invasion of the Body Snatchers vs. Invasion of the Body Snatchers



1978 all the way.

Went with 1978 but it wasn't an easy choice...

I'm going with the original, 1978 version is good but it's my third favorite of the Body Snatcher remakes. It just takes forever to get to the point and the other two (orginal and 90's one) are able to say the same sort of thing but still be unique and thrilling.

The original is good, but the 78 version is actually scary.

The original is great, but the '78 version is an almost perfect sci-fi horror thriller and the ending is infinitely better than that of the original.

Original all the way! It's perfectly paced, full of scares both subtle and shocking, and invites contemplation of what it means to be human, a layer that's lacking in the overlong '78 version.

I agree with Fontaine. The 1978 version is scary!

The original pretty easily for me.

I liked the remake, but it suffers from some pacing issues. The original is shorter, better paced, and I much prefer it to the remake. The remake did have a better ending though.

The remake...gosh, what a crappy movie. The best thing about it was Jeff Goldblum. It's bloated, overlong and dull though. The ending was even worse. The original did everything better, even it's runtime. It's exciting and thrilling! Tbh, I can't name one single thing that was better in the remake.