Despicable Me 2 vs. Despicable Me



No comments yet? Hm. I really enjoyed the first Despicable Me. It's funny, it's cute, it's got some good voice acting, and it's a fun film to watch alone, or with family/kids. The second film was also entertaining, but a reasonably big step down from the original. Both films are fun to watch, but I'd take the original over the sequel in a heart beat.

Definitely prefer the first one.

The first one smashes the second. I personally think the first one is very underrated.


Originals are almost always better. This one is no different.

That's how I sespended to see

I wasn't the biggest fan of the first Despicable Me. I think the sequel is a slight improvement.

Both pretty equal in my mind. (Very) slight preference for the sequel.

First one wins; even if second had more romance.

IMO, the first one is better than the sequel, which, while not at all bad, felt something like a rehash.


Despicable Me, the second is just more annoying.

Original....of course..

I'm going with the first one.

The original easily, but the sequel is great too