Species II vs. Species



I've said it once before, but I'll say it again: Species (and Species II) scared the buttdripping shit out of me when I was a kid. Something about Giger's design just spooked me. And to this day, I'm uncomfortable looking at a picture of SIL. Laugh, go ahead. But I know that, deep down, you're frightened of her too. Her and her menacing nipples. I'll go with the first one. Why? I 'on know.

Hey man, it's not bad. I was afraid of the original Men in Black as a kid because the character of Edgar in alien form scared the shit outta me. I'll probably get more laughs for that than your situation. I didn't see no menacing nipples on Edgar though...

Hey you think that's bad, I couldn't bare to watch E.T. for about 10 years because I found the alien so ugly and creepy that it scared seven shades of shit out of me! Giger's design spooks most people (why do you think Alien became so iconic), and while neither Species film "scares" me, they are perfect examples of rampant, unfettered psychosexual horror which can get under the skin. Well, Species 1 is at least. Species II on the other hand was pretty bad tbh, no contest here.

I saw Species when I was 10.... I’ve loved this movie since. The sequel isn’t as good.