Venom vs. Spider-Man 3



2018; the year with a good on-screen Venom... wasn’t this year. I honestly pick Spider-Man 3. Why? More personality and that original cast but Venom could’ve been better if it tried a lot more.

Yep, new Venom SUCKS. Shouldn't even have been in SM3 but even so was a FAR better movie than this awful 2018 effort.

Venom for being pure dumb fun while Spider-Man 3 was the awkward crashing and burning of a trilogy

Spider-Man 3 is far none good anything as bad reference ever, Venom 2018 is usually been that dumb of form, but Venom is my pick here.


Venom, for being just average entertainment and not a cringeworthy conclusion to a trilogy.

Venom the movie is genuinely terrible. Spider-Man 3 had its genuine good moments. Not even close here.

They're both bad. There are arguments for either one. I'd say that Venom is the better of the two, though. The writing is absolutely atrocious in both, but in different ways. The story in Spider-Man 3 was the worst (like, how do you try to fit half of Spidey's rogues gallery in one film?) and the dialogue, in my opinion, in Venom was the worst. The performances in Venom make it better. It boils down to the cast. The cast in Venom really tried to work with what they had. Spider-Man 3's cast seemed that they were just trying to get it over with. Venom with the (slight) win.

Venom must have been written by an 8 year old. Spider-Man 3 is considerably the better movie.

I will permit to say Spider-Man 3 is mostly far much further worst annoying but both films weren't that good but mostly Venom 2018 had much a value watchable of it's moments so I go with that here.

Venom is so so bad. Spider-Man 3 is a masterpiece by comparison.

Venom on his own with Spider Man is weak sauce.

Both films are instantly bad, Spider-Man 3 is far far worst bad ever.

Venom was donkey bad. Spider-Man 3 is still better than anything the DCEU has made for example.

Give Spider-Man 3 the respect it deserves! Venom put into perspective how much I enjoy S-M 3.

Still can't get over Venom making money. Such a bad movie. Raimi's trilogy outclasses it by a ton.

Spider-Man 3

Spider-Man 3 has it's flaws but it didn’t been that very dumber like the pure forgettable dumpy reboot venom which I’ve ever seen.

Who even wants to be caring about these two crap forgettable useless films.

to be honest, Spider-Man 3 is the better movie.

Generally both are very bad but riami’s Spider-Man remains the classic always.

you cant read a cxfate comment without having a stroke

Both are trash. SM3 takes it.

I used to dislike Spider-Man 3 like a lot of people, but not anymore. The Action, the soundtrack, and the emotional moments are all great. It's leagues better than Venom, which really doesn't have much going for it besides Hardy's performance.

Not a real fan of either...for sure...

Certainly the Raimi Spider-Man beats the crap out of the mess known as Venom. That Venom movie is a true embarrassment.

Venom is so bad it's good, spiderman 3 is an embarrassment compared to the first two

I did enjoy Venom in a "mindless fun" sort of way, but yeah, Spider-Man 3 is a masterpiece by comparison...

i also did enjoy venom in a mindless fun sort of way. but i can't even enjoy SM3 in anyway so venom wins

I’ve given Spider-Man 3 so many chances, but it seems like it’s getting worse with every rewatch

I also like Venom in an ironic way, but it makes Spider-Man 3 look like Spider-Man 2 honestly

I really don't like either of these... Still waiting for Venom to be put in a good movie

Venom is overall terrible but Spider-Man 3 is beyond forgotten annoying bad third solo movie of it’s trilogy, in fact venom is flawless of it’s terms