Venom vs. Wonder Woman




Well, Venom didn't bore me...

Wonder woman without a second's hesitation.

Both are pretty mediocre movies for me. Regardless what the critics say, this matchup is quite close. I would love to piss off everyone on FlickChart by choosing Venom over Wonder Woman and... and... *sighs*, look Venom is too weak to hate on its own. The only thing that really stands out in my mind from it is one cool chase scene in San Francisco yet the only real thing I can really complain about is the pacing but that’s not enough to hate a movie. Wonder Woman has great settings but nothing of interest happens in these settings. I’m picking Wonder Woman because it at least it has something kinda going for it.

Venom is "So bad it's good" but Wonder Woman is legitimately great

Venom is embarrassingly bad while Wonder Woman is decent.

Wonder Woman....easily...

Wonder Woman. It has a much better hero, much better action scenes and way better pacing. As a marvel fan, i really liked it.

wonderwoman is better although venom is underrated

Wonder woman for actually being an excellent movie and not some mcu knockoff

Wonder Woman smokes Venom. Period.