Looper vs. The Raid



Ah, two recent favourites of movie fans. This movie fan has to go for Looper.

Looper was a massive disappointment. It tried to be too much all at once, and for me at least it didn't work. I didn't find that much below the surface of The Raid unlike some of my peers, but it is easily one of the most extraordinary action films in many years. The Raid wins.

Damn, this is a pretty tough decision for me. I fell in love with both of these movies when I first saw them; Looper for having an awesome concept and The Raid for being the most action packed film I've ever seen. I've seen both twice, and I can safely say that Looper was better the second time because instead of thinking about it, I was able to admire it for how well made it is. It's close, but I'm going with Looper.

@Reelz, I've heard that before :P I kind of regard my viewing experience of Looper as being similar to TDKR; I didn't like either on first viewing, but I could see the effort which had gone into TDKR and I felt compelled to see it again a few months later to appreciate how well made it is (and I'm glad that I did). The difference is that I feel no such compulsion to see Looper again, as it didn't really impress me in any form.