Looper vs. 12 Monkeys



First! 12 monkeys.

Ah. Two great mind-benders. I had already known of the twist ending for 12 Monkeys (a very good one, actually) so I suppose that the shock value it created for me was not as strong as it was for others. Looper blew me away. I'll go with that.

Like Reelz, having seen La Jetee beforehand, I already knew the twist in 12 Monkeys, so I wasn't shocked when it happened. This doesn't diminish the strength of the film, but even so, I'd go with Looper on this.

Isn't the title of one a spoiler for the other? Looper.

twelve monkeys is better

twelve monkeys

Two of my favorite time travel movies that happen to star Bruce Willis. I slightly prefer 12 Monkeys.

i love both but 12 monkeys is better

Looper! But 12 Monkeys is great two! I just love time-travel!

i would say 12 monkeys

Whatever problems I have with Looper, at least the movie never bored me. 12 Monkeys bored me. Give me Looper all day long.

I do love me some Bruce Willis Time Travel movies! Lopper is the more exciting and fun film! 12 Monkeys is way smarter edgier and well crafted plus Brad Pitt was fantastic! Monkeys wins easy!


12 monkeys

12 monkeys. Looper is very mediocre in comparison