From Paris with Love vs. 27 Dresses



We got some serious shit right here. Bonafine retard emporia. Travolta sucks in action man, he absolutely sucks. Jesus. How about that Irish guy? That's the lousiest faux-American accent I've ever heard. How does one even fuck up that up? Given it to Heigl for having tits and nothing more.

I've learned that bosoms in general, and presumably Katherine Heigl's as well, simply cannot save every movie. They put up a noble fight much of the time, but sometimes the crappiness of the film proves insurmountable. I am intrigued by your argument, nonetheless. I will be putting 27 Dresses on my list of movies to watch.

No, no! DO NOT put 27 Dresses on your list. She doesn't show her breasts and, if memory serves, there aren't even too many cleavage shots. There's no titilation and certainly no provocation. I was simply trying to put 'Paris' on blast by voting for a movie that stars an actress that does in fact have breasts. The simple knowledge that Katherine Heigl is the owner of a pair of breasts is more satisfying than anything in 'Paris' (and also more satisfying than most of 27 Dresses).

Well, now you planted the seed... I need to explore Katherine Heigl's filmography, anyway. Did you know she did a Romy and Michele prequel? I can't start watching that fast enough.

She's a hot woman and a likable actress. Most of her movies absolutely suck though so your mission will likely be fraught with disappointment. I've never seen Romy and Michele but it it might be worth a watch given my appreciation of High School type movies. Lisa Kudrow could be a drawback though...