Fight Club vs. Back to the Future



Back to the Future all the way.

I am Marty McFly's repressed feelings of arousal on being kissed by mother in a sexual manner. Fight Club all the way.

Sometimes it's just not fair. HOW DO YOU CHOOSE?!?

BttF is the one I'll always remember almost word for word. Gotta love that.

Two of my favs, but as much as I love Fight Club, Back to the Future is just much more entertaining.

While Marty McFly wouldn't stand a chance in Fight Club, BttF wins by knockout...

Back to the Future.

Yep, BttF all the way...

Fight Club by a long shot... superb acting and the final twist is mind blowing

Back to the future.

1st rule of Fight Club is you do not talk about Fight Club

Back to the Future by 1.21 jigawatts

Back to the future wins easily

Fight Club....for sure

Fight Club for me.

Fight Club would win if the flaws were fixed.


Fight Club easy

There's no looking back at Fight Club going with Back to the Future ;)

I dont care much for Back to the Future ...Fight Club wins for me


Both are amazing but BTTF takes it...

Back To The Future


Fight Club

Back to the Future is one of those films that intend of one of those rewatch of all, but fight club not that memorable.

Back to the future classic ,a fun and entertaining movie but fight club is a gem I dont hate BBTF FC is one of the most important and thought provoking movies ever made comparing to with FC BTTF is a childish and Average movie. FC is far better .

Back to The Future is nice to have on T.V but Fight Club was an experience

Back to the future takes the nod, fight club isn’t memorable but overrated