Fight Club vs. The Empire Strikes Back



This is an unfair choice. D:

This really is not fair!

I have to go with fight club. Although all the Empire Strikes Back is the better film of the Star Wars saga, I feel like all the old Star Wars films are really similar in style. I guess I just expected too much. But in any case nothing can replicate gritty modern day reality Fight Club portrays. For me Fight Club is timeless.

Fight Club is great, but Empire is epic in the true sense of the word.

I gotta give it to The Empire Strikes Back.

I really don't care about Lucas and Star Wars.FC easily.

Empire for sure.

Count me in.

Empire. Easily.

very very hard to choose

Fight Club totally wins this one. It's the most brilliantly directed film I've ever seen.

Empire no question

Fite club, bro. But wait! We're all breaking the first rule of fite club! Lmao YOLO

Fight Club? Is that a movie, just a bunch of evil twisted shit with not plot

Fight Club is so great and unique but it just can't defeat The Empire

This really is not close. Fight Club was a very unique idea. Star Wars are cool but if you take away the nostalgia, they really aren't that well done. The second one is the best of the originals though.

The Empire Strikes Back.

Fight club is in my top 10 empire is in my top 3