Fight Club vs. Zodiac



David Fincher is a great director. Zodiac is a brilliant movie which does not get nearly as much credit as it should. That being said, Fight Club is pure awesome from start to finish.

completely agree with willhunting

Zodiac is my favorite Fincher film, because it relies on mood and atmosphere, and is devoid of cutesy plot twists (like those contained in Fight Club, Seven, and The Game). Fincher always brings his a-game when it comes to style, but rarely is it on such impressive display as the claustrophobic, obsessive whodunit of Zodiac.


I completely agree with admiralpiett.

Zodiac for me. Never saw what was such a big deal about Fight Club.

Fight Club for me. Never saw what was such a big deal about Zodiac.

Fight Club

Never saw the big deal with overrated Fight Club.

Hm...the more I think about Zodiac, the more I like it. And the more I think about Fight Club, the more I dislike it. Fight Club for now, but I won't be surprised if this changes. I should rewatch Zodiac.

And I changed my mind, Zodiac is better. Fight Club annoyed me a little with the last viewing, especially the second half of the movie. Zodiac is brilliant filmmaking.

I've changed my mind as well. Fight Club it is. I recently rewatched it and it just sort of clicked. Zodiac's subsequent viewings haven't been nearly as impressive as its first.

^I still love Fight Club, for anyone wondering, but I prefer Zodiac.

Fight Club undeniably. It has aged perfectly and is an addictive film.

Zodiac is Fincher's curiously unappreciated masterpiece. It's a far better film than Fight Club.

Two Fincher Masterpieces, but in my opinion Fight Club is his best film.

Solely agree, Fight Club is his masterpiece.

Both are great, but Zodiac strikes me as the more accomplished work.

Finally saw Zodiac for the first time. This is why Fincher's my fav director. FC still wins though.

Fight Club, two great Fincher films.

love Law and order CSI Criminal Minds I real about Killers and psychology it really intrerest me so as much as Fight Club is amazing Zodiac is perfect from acting drama and storytelling the atmosphere is great

Zodiac is one of Fincher's finest works. Fight Club is good but not my favorite.

This matchup gets harder and harder as the years go by.

Fight Club is Fincher's finest work.

fight club is technically a great film, but i hate it while i love zodiac

Fight Club has good messages and very good acting but I couldn't really give 2 shits about any of the characters or anything that was going on in the film at all. I also called the final twist after watching the film for 5 minutes lol. Zodiac is a masterpiece and one of the most gripping films of all time. Zodiac for sure, although I must admit that I am literally writing this 10 minutes after I saw Fight Club for the first time. Maybe my opinion on FC will change if I think about it more and/or rewatch it but I feel comfortable saying that it's not nearly as good as Zodiac.

Zodiac wins. It's the film that finally made Fincher a mature filmmaker.


Figh Club is Fincher's best film.

Zodiac is technically a far great here.

Zodiac is technically a far great here.