Fight Club vs. Star Wars



Pretty much even, but fight club comes through thanks to the timely appearance of Meatloaf...

Fight Club is over rated.

Two very, very different movies. But while I wouldn't rate Fight Club above Empire Strikes Back, for me, it takes out the original Star Wars, no problem.

I Love Fight Club, but I have to go with Star Wars on Principle

I gotta say, I do really appreciate Fight Club, but it isn't something I'd really want to watch over and over and over. It's got an interesting twist, and good performances, but I've probably watched Star Wars more than any other movie. Star Wars holds up.

I don't think there's a contest. Star Wars has been with me through the good, the bad, the worse, and Jar Jar Binks. George Lucas, I forgive you.

Fight Club is overrated?! You don't think Star Wars counts as the most overrated movie of ALL TIME?

I agree with anyone that says Star Wars is the most overrated movie EVER. It's just not that good, its not that creative (Kurosawa knock-off), and its predictable. Ooooh, its in Space! Big whoop! Fight Club is an excellent movie, and Star Wars isn't even in the same league.

Before you vote for Fight Club over Star Wars, please keep in mind Star Wars is actually more that Kurusawa in space. Consider the revolutionary effects, the brilliant score by John Williams, the timeless production design, arguably the most memorable villain in film history, Alec Guiness! and on and on. May the force be with your vote.

only a self-satisfied cynic who buys into the hypocrital message that fight club tries to sell would vote for it over star wars.

Hands down Star Wars. In the end you have a movie that broke the mold and essentially paved the way for hundreds upon hundreds of other films, and then a glorified boys film where the only interesting thing to see is Brad Pitt beating someone up (and as a girl, that is a wonderfully hot thing to see). All in all, Star wars gets my vote.

I agree wholeheartedly with the people saying that it is Star Wars, not Fight Club, that is the overrated one in this match-up. I cannot think of a film with a bigger gap between its hype and its actual quality. Hate to even use the term quality in a sentence about Star Wars, because it is not a quality film. Darth Vader is the only thing in that film worth being referred to as quality.

I'm never going to say that Star Wars was not an influential film. But that is more because of the technologies it introduced, rather than any quality in the story. I honestly believe that, if Star Wars were to come out now, it would get the same kind of criticisms as Avatar is currently weathering, but that doesn't mean that either film won't have had a major influence on moviemaking. God bless Star Wars (before Lucas got stupid with it), but in terms of the quality of story told, I prefer Fight Club. (As a side note: Isn't it interesting how the two best Star Wars films were NOT directed or solely written by George Lucas...?)

Fight Club was good, but it can't beat Star Wars. No way.

Masturbation may very well be self-improvement but c'mon now we were creaming to Star Wars long before we knew how to jack-off.

Fight Club is absolutely overrated, with one of the stupidest twists in movie history. Thankfully, Star Wars lacks Jack's Retarded Plot Twist. Plus it has Vader.

what the .... nostalgia wins this one. for now.


They're both great in their own ways, but this is one of those match-ups where I vote for entertainment factor -- and that's Fight Club, even with the predictable twist.

Star Wars wins. Fight Club, stop trying so hard.

Fight Club it is

Fight Club is awesome, but the original Star Wars is epic.

Star Wars will always be the greater classic. Fight Club, may the force be with you.

Star Wars ftw.

Star Wars of course. I love both and they are in my top 10 but Star Wars is higher and for good reasons.

Star Wars.

Star Wars owns here. Sci Fi epic-ness.

Star Wars cruises through another challenger. But no slacker.

Sorry Fight Club, but you lose this one.

Oh Tyler! You went from to

^ Yeah, that was quite ironic. Anyway, Star Wars.

^ Even without that awkward Chanel ad, this scene from Fight Club is a masterclass in irony. You have a hunky-looking Brad Pitt wearing a rather expensive jacket delivering this monologue on how the weight of your wallet doesn't matter. Notice how the scene is shot and even feels like a commercial. Tyler is practically ADVERTISING his anti-consumerism thesis to the audience! Dude just broke the fourth wall. I'm serious when I say Fight Club is probably more depressing than Se7en 'cause it just laughs at you all the way through.

Very tough but i would say star wars.

Fight Club is in my top 2. So my choice is clear.

Star Wars. Fight Club is not that amazing.

Star Wars by SMASH.

Star Wars no question.

Star Wars. Fight Club is amazing, but Star Wars is what it is.

Star Wars wins. Fight Club is somewhat overrated, I think it's really good but it's not one of the best.

I'll think I could chose Star Wars it's more tecting shotters it's ford that

Star Wars will win any day of the week. Fight Club is a very overrated film, and though I respect it in some ways it will never,ever come close to the greatness and pure magic of Star Wars.

I rewatched both and I preferred Fight Club

Star Wars is one of the great fantasy films ever made, and the trilogy is among the best franchises of all-time. Fight Club is a remarkable film that is unlike most films you have ever seen, and the ride you are taken on is truly unique. Ed Norton Helena Bonham Carter and Brad Pitt are phenomenal, and the direction by David Fincher is spectacular. I still pick Star Wars, but this is a close one.

Fight Club wins for the benefit of not being surpassed in quality by a sequel.

Star Wars, nostalgia in action 2

Two films that are in my top 10 which I actually refuse to compare. It's that damn close.

fight club is way more overrated than star wars

Fight club beats every star wars movie

A rewatch of Fight Club may give it the win on this one, but I really like things about Star Wars right now.

Fight Club is one great film, but I've gotta say Star Wars!

Not much of a contest. Fight Club isn't THAT good. Star Wars, yep, it is.

Going with Star Wars.

Star Wars is the better experience.

Fight Club is kind overrated beyond, on the other hand Star Wars barely wins very easy here.

Fight Club is kinda of overrated beyond, on the other hand Star Wars barely wins very easy here.

Fight Club Is kinda overrated beyond, on the other hand Star Wars barely wins very easy here.

Fight club is far too overrated for classic sci-fi films which the answer is Star Wars.

I think this could go either way depending on what day you ask me. Tough one

Star Wars is somewhat overrated, the academy got it right in the best movie of 1977. Fight Club however, it is not. Therefore, FC wins here.