Fight Club vs. American Beauty



very tough

Easily the two best movies of 1999. American Beauty is an exploration into one man and his thoughts and dreams. Fight Club explores an entire society viewed through one. This is clearly a tough choice. I give to American Beauty because it seems less destructive and teaches one to seize the day rather than destroy it.

God damn it...

Talk about your end of the century classics! Fight Clubs wins. By a (bloody) nose.

man, i hate American Beauty. easy choice for me.

Agreed, jetsilver, American Beauty can suck it.

I hated "American Beauty" when I saw it during its theatrical run. I re-watched it for the first time a few months ago and found I liked more of it than I thought, and I can now articulate what I don't like about it. "Fight Club" was interesting, but I've largely forgotten it.

This is a tough choice. Both movies are great in their own categories. Both movies have made a mark in cinema. Both have excellent stories, excellent actors and excellent impacts on their viewers on how life is.

don't know never got into fight club but heard all th hype until I finally watched it in 2006

Well this is a very tough choice. However, I feel that American Beauty has slightly better performances, plus I knew the twist in Fight Club, which drastically decreased the shock value.


american beauty

American Beauty wins easily for me....

Love the satire of each; two of the best scripts of the 90's. Fight Club, just.

These two are definitely on my all-time favorites list. That being said, I'm going to have to choose Fight Club.

Fight Club without a doubt. I cant believe it wasn't nominated for a best picture oscar. It wouldn't be the first time a great film has been snubbed by the academy.

American Beauty had a more profound effect on me.Spacey is a legend!!

Wow I cannot believe there are people that exist that don't like American Beauty...are you even Humans? For Christ sakes it made Stephen Spielberg cry and announce it an instant masterpiece. I've known people that say American Beauty actually made them change they way they lived...don't hear that about Fight Club. Ever.

American Beauty is still a classic though.

Fight Club.

Two of the best of 1999, Fight Club gets the win.

Tough choice. Both excellent (but very different) movies. Fight Club was dark and a new style of directing that I am not used to. It has an amazing plot twist that is fed into the story so well. American Beauty is also stunning. With amazing music, acting, script and more. Very hard decision but American Beauty just because of the emotion in it!

Fight Club wins, but American Beauty is good.

For me Fight Club was one of those movie that I thought would clinch my top 3 or 5 when I saw it, but it didn't seem to live up to expectations, while American Beauty was a film where I really had no expectation that surprisingly blew me away.


American Beauty Vs American Ugly. Any chance Fight Club had is ended a ludicrous, film-ruining final 30 minutes.

Both great, great movies. Both would probably be in my top five favorite movies of the 90's. Fight Club is gritty, dark, and has an amazing cast going for it. But American Beauty really blew me away and was such a powerful movie. American Beauty barely wins.

2 amazing films from 1999 but it's pretty easy to choose which I prefer American Beauty wins this match up but Fight Club is still awesome and very creative

American Beauty has some of my favourite names in the industry behind it: Sam Mendes, Kevin Spacey, Thomas Newman and the late (great) Conrad Hall. Fight Club has another favourite of mine; director David Fincher, but I find American Beauty more striking and a tad more relevant. Fight Club deserves its top 100 place (for now), but American Beauty rightly sits in the top 20 as of March 2014, and won't be going anywhere any time soon. American Beauty wins.

American beauty is fantastic and and Spacey at his best a great look behind the american suburban curtain and one of the best film of the 90s while Fight Club is a tad better and more fun ,still right now i still like American Beauty more!

American Beauty is a masterpiece of cinema, an exploration of contemporary living and at the same time such an entertaining film in its humour, unpredictability and momorability. While Fight Club tells a similar critique of the first world, the movie itself is harder to take seriously due to its satirical, ridiculous tone. This obviously isn't a bad thing, but when you factor in that Fight Club is much harder to enjoy on repeat viewings (due to obvious reasons) while American Beauty is just as good each time, the result can be decided more easily. I encourage everyone to rewatch both and see which gains your apreciation more.

American Beauty is as close to perfect as films come. Fight Club is interesting and mostly enjoyable, but it's more of a film that I enjoyed at the time rather than in retrospect. It's lasting reach isn't nearly as great.

I love Fight Club. I don't love American Beauty, I see why it's so great but I find it too slow to be the type of movie that gets re watched often.

Fight Club of the best film of 1999.

My two favorite movies of 1999. Both are life-changing and are essential watches. How the fuck can you choose?

Fight Club for me.

fight club's probably a better movie, but the ideology of its outspoken fanbase drastically lessens it in my eyes

I still stick by my previous comment about Spacey.

Wow that was a callback PiccoloKing, My vote goes to Fight Club

Fight Club by far

I like American Beauty a lot more than fight club because it has a lot of sexual content

I rank American Beauty number 1

I like american beauty 100 percent more than fight club

American Beauty is also my favorite movie

They're both entertaining, very wicked and very interesting. I have to vote for "American Beauty", mostly because of the characters - they're so well written.