Fight Club vs. Terminator 2: Judgment Day



This is it. The last battle.... "I'll be back"

Give me a break THATS TOO HARD D:.....i pick T2 because it has a nostalgic value to me

Da Fight Club.

What the how do I even...? GAWD!!

My first discussion of the new year goes to this. T2 wins in a landslide.

Anytime I can pick against Fight Club...I'm in. Especially here...because T2 is so much better...

Let's just put it this way. You're Mr. Durden.

Fight Club is easily one of the better movies that have ever been made. It's smart, interesting and just down right good. Terminator 2 fails, unfortunately, not that it's bad, but it really can't stand up against any movie that is well done.

Hasta la vista, baby.

Tyler Durden says: " First rule of Fight Club, dont talk about Fight Club". Fight Club wins this one rather easily not a Terminator fan in general.

Fight Club. They are within inches of each other.

Fight Club. It's very close though.

Fight Club



T2 owns here.

Definitely Terminator 2.


T2 is more nostalgic but yeah fight club wins this, but not by a lot

I love T2 but I have seen Fight Club more so it gets the edge.

Fight club is overrated, T2 slaughters here