Fight Club vs. Raging Bull



Fight Club beats Raging Bull but never knocks it down.

Fight Club wins this.

Fight Club for sure.

Fight Club.

The right answer is Raging Bull.

Two vastly overrated films, but PiccoloKing is correct - Raging Bull is the right answer.

Raging Bull is great, but Fight Club is top five for me. Fight Club for sure.

I was just being an ass. There is no right answer :D

2 movies that everybody love. Me i like them but not more than that. The answer for me is Fight club.

Raging Bull is a story movie, Fight Club is a plot movie. Some people like story more than plot, but, for those of us who have read a book, story always wins. No boxing puns. Raging Bull is Scorsese's best, it has heart and soul from both him and De Niro, and that combination is unbeatable. Fight Club, on the other hand, is... a movie.

Raging Bull is brilliant, but I prefer Fight Club.

Raging Bull is awesome, but I'm going with Fight Club.

It probably depends when you where born. They both handle the same issue of masculinity, just either the detached late 90's or the naive early 80's. Raging Bull is more honest and a better overall film, though.

Wow. "Raging Bull" lands about 24 punches a second and knocks the great "Fight Club" on its back even faster than Tyson beat Spinx in the first round.

I have to go with Raging Bull here. Better movie, period.

Raging Bull is a brilliant film, but Fight Club beats it in the end.

Fight Club for sure.

Raging Bull is the superior movie. Fight Club is heavily overrated and only amazing if your like 14 years old. Raging Bull has better acting,cinematography,script,etc. FC is mediocre and juvenile compared to RB.

@NBAluke579 I'm 19 years old and I think Fight Club's brilliant.

If I had to pick one of these movies to be the only movie I ever get to watch again, I'd pick: Raging Bull

I really have a problem with Raging Bull. It's just so boring. Nothing really happens in it.

Fight Club punches Raging Bull

Fight Club is a damn awesome flick, but Raging Bull is unbelievable.


Two great films and Fight Club wins in a photo finish.

No contest. Raging Bull is better as a film and also in how it portrays itself psychologically.