Fight Club vs. Gone Girl



Over the years, I've become less and less impressed with Fight Club. Much of it now strikes me as being just plain dumb. I don't know how well Gone Girl will hold up over time, but right now I see it as one of David Fincher's greatest accomplishments. It's a winner here.

Gone Girl was fantastic! That being said, David Fincher will never make a film that tops Fight Club or Se7en.

Gone Girl for now but time will tell if it holds up.

At the moment, Fight Club wins by a slim margin. But they are both excellent, and will both require a rewatch, so this one is very much open for change in the future.

Gone Girl easily....

A tight matchup. Fight Club just barely edges out Gone Girl today, but that could change upon rewatch of Fincher's latest.

Fight Club was so unique and so well acted by the triple headed monster of Norton, Pitt and Carter that It's hard not to keep it ahead of Gone Girl which was absolutely tremendous. Standing Ovation for David Fincher and picking amazing scripts.

Fight Club is a bit better than Gone Girl, but these are my two favorite Fincher films.

Gone Girl blew me away, floored me, exceeded my wildest expectations etc. Yet it can't touch Fight Club. Fight Club is David Fincher's greatest accomplishment and I suspects that's how it will remain for the rest of time.

Gone Girl is a mind-blowing film, but it hasn't reached the classic status of Fight Club.

Gone Girl is a really great satire which is a modern masterpiece whereas Fight Club is a legendary statement against consumerism which is wired into the mainframe of pop culture.

Fight Club is enjoyable but supremely overrated, Gone Girl was incredible.

Gone Girl

Fight club is far better