Fight Club vs. There Will Be Blood



This is ridiculously difficult, for me.

Same here, Foshinzo.

Easy for me I thought there will be blood was a snooze fest. Don't hate me though I respect the fact that a lot of people loved the movie

Fight Club murders TWBB and alot of blood is involved in the killing.

How to choose??Damn this is so difficult!!!

I take my words back.Just saw both these films and There Will Be Blood is clearly better.

TWBB for sure.

The cinematography and acting in TWBB are some of the best I've ever seen. In fact, you could possibly argue it is the better made movie. But for me the choice is obvious. Fight Club it is.

Both are classics, but Fight Club is way up there. FC it is.

ezpz TWBB

Fight Club

Fight Club, though I'm not sure why...


easily TWBB

Fight Club is more memorable

Gosh where to start hmm There Will Be Blood wins for now

fight club

Fright Club

There will be blood wins.

There Will Be Blood tops fight club here.


Fight Club can't top There Will Be Blood.

There Will Be Blood by miles.

The unique and stylish thriller vs The dramatic and artistic epic. Both are very memorable and are films that develop your appreciation for filmmaking. I'll give the very slight edge to Fight in for entertainment and rewatch value.