Fight Club vs. City of God



My 2 most absolutely favorite movies ever tough choice.

wow this is hard

Definitely a tough choice, but Fight Club gets the slight nod from me.


No way does Fight Club win over the masterpiece that is City of God.

City of God is a masterpiece throughout its entire runtime. Fight Club drags in areas but is still great at its mindblowing conclusion. The City wins.

City Of God all the way.

Now here is a hard matchup. City of God takes it out.

Fight Club. It has everything. Black comedy, action, adventure, crime and even a bit of romance. I Love Brad Pitt in this role and it definitely is his greatest.

Fight Club owns. A much better film for sure.

Fight Club is nothing when compared to City of God.

To me, definitely City of God. That film completely blew me away!

I'd have to say these are two movies I wasn't thrilled about watching, and kind of had to talk myself into because I heard they were so good. And it definitely was a good choice to watch them.

City of God. By a distance. There's just more too it than Fight Club.

Fight Club is the complete package.

City of God, easily.

Both great flicks. Fight Club takes it for me.

City of God

The one problem with pitting anything against City of God is that City of God is way too big. Fight Club is a strong movie. It captures the conflicts of its handful of characters really well. But City of God attempts to capture an entire way of life, and it does it with such style and class. City of God trumps most movies for me simply out of its scope and ambition. Plus, I don't think there is a single scene in Fight Club that could top City of God's climactic shootout.

I cannot believe all the love City of God gets. Its essentially Boyz n the Hood but in South America in the 70s. It glorifies sex, violence, and a drug culture while basically trying to be a coming of age story for a young man, who through dumb luck, somehow finds a way out of the slums via his love of photography. How in the heck is this a better film than Fight Club? It isn't! Not by a mile. As far as story telling goes, Fight Ckub is a far superior film. Everything from script, to score, to climax, to resolution, FC smacks City of God around.


Fight Club for the anarchist in all of us. City of God is a brilliant and powerful film as well.

My mind is broken for comment a match up like this, because i like more The Hood movies, but come on Fight Club is a great black thriller and is very relevant in cinema history, so my conclussion... No pick, both are great and maybe i can't decide :(

This one's tough. Both are really good, but I'll give a slight edge to Fight Club. It was just better directed and better structured as a film.

City of God is much better.