Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace vs. Transformers



egatz! These two are both drivel of the highest order. Bloviated crap coasting to undeserved huge box office on the good will of a past his prime director in one case and a cartoon in the other. Mind numbing both of them. Is there a way to put them both at the bottom of my list. I'll give it to Transformers only because I consider Lucas' film to be a greater crime against cinema

This is the worst choice I've ever had to make. I don't think I can do it. ARRRGGG.... it's Star Wars, just because I *never* liked Transformers.

When voting between crap and crap, crap still wins. Uhg.

I'm so tolerant of movies I WANT to like. I can find some good in something, usually. Star Wars Episode I? Well, the final lightsaber duel between Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Maul WAS pretty cool. But Star Wars has gone so far down the tubes since then, it hurts. Transformers, meanwhile, I actually LIKED. Yes, it was big, dumb, stupid, with not a brain in its head...but I thought it was FUN. I guess, from what I've heard, if I want it to stay that way, I had better stay away from Revenge of the Fallen....


I think people are too hard on these films. I found them both very enjoyable. I had no real expectations and I walked away more than satisfied. I think I'm going to choose Episode I -- just because of its story.


The Menace easily wins here.

Transformers is loads more fun than The Phantom Menace. Loads. The Phantom Menace is a load... but Transformers is all kinds of awesome by comparison. Just unburden yourself of all your misguided Star Wars loyalties, visualize Megan Fox and the giant robots blowing each other up and realize how great the world would be without The Phantom Menace in it. No, I understand, you think Darth Maul is cool. But he's just one guy. Just let it go...

Hey, The Phantom Menace wasn't that bad. It was definitely better than Transformers.

Pretty damn hard, in terms of terribleness. But at least the Phantom Menace has Liam Neeson, and doesn't include terrible, out of place masturbation gags in a movie about brand of toys.

Phantom menace for sure. Transformers was overrated. So over it.

Transformers is a good film, but The Phantom Menace is just better.


Phantom Menace just did not do it for me. I haven't seen Transformers in years, but I'm picking it for now.

Darth Maul fight scene was great.