Ace Ventura: Pet Detective vs. The Mask



Hmm, duel of the early Jim Carrey movies... Gotta go with Ace Ventura.

I agree with Shaneman, Ace Ventura over The Mask easily.

I haven't seen either of these for a while but I remember liking Ace better.

i would have to disagree with you kind gentlemen whereas i belive james carreys better cinematic masterpiece was "The Mask" thank you for your time.

Jim Carrey is at his manic best in The Mask, whereas in Ace Ventura he seems stuck playing against animals.

two awesome movies which one do I pick

This really isn't a fair fight. Even at 9 years old I knew The Mask was a vastly superior movie.

Whenever I think of Jim Carrey, The Mask comes to mind. That was an Oscar-worthy performance. Even Robert Paulsen would agree with this.

The Mask. It just never gets old for me.

Ace Ventura Aces all over The Mask

Carrey is better in The Mask, but I liked Ace Ventura slightly more due to the fun finale. Don't really care for either movie overall though.

The Mask wins this one. I just love that movie.


The Mask is Carrey at the top of his game.