South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut vs. BASEketball



Oh come on!!! This can't be easy for ANYONE.

Pretty sure Trey and Matt would go with Bigger, Longer & Uncut on this one.

basketball was a decent watch but bigger longer & uncut is a masterpiece

I watched BASEketball more as a kid, and I still like it more than I probably should, but it's South Park, all the way. I'd have preferred a movie without musical numbers, but whatevs.

Matt & Trey rule so much that I actually enjoyed Basketball. But seriously....South Park was a grand slam...

BASEketball should not be a movie people still remember. It's a very weak comedy that features weak characters and a story that is basically just a Mad Lib for a bunch of 'psyche-out' gags. But since Trey and Matt are in it, it's remembered as a relic from the brief time in history where this genius duo sold out. In 1998, South Park was so big that Matt and Trey had no choice but to sell out, but the public grew tired of them very quickly. Since they had a newly acquired pessimism towards themselves, they set out to make Bigger, Longer and Uncut as their swan song. But we all loved it, it was a major success. The boys were back, and with Book of Mormon, Team America and certain upcoming video game projects, their content grew smarter, deeper, and more interesting; all things BASEketball is not. I guess what I'm trying to say here is that Trey and Matt have a great charm about them, and while that carries over to BASEketball, charm cannot shroud bad writing. Bigger, Longer and Uncut has good writing, fantastic writing, in fact. Trey and Matt have stated multiple times that they aren't too proud of BASEketball, and thought many of the jokes were quite Derpy, a term they invented during shooting of the film. I have to say, I agree with them.

South Park is the best adult cartoon movie Ever!

Baseketball is funnier


South Park rules lol.