South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut vs. V for Vendetta



The more Vendetta pops up on here the more I realize how much I really love it. I guess it is the inner anarchist and the audacity WB had in releasing a film that glorifies a revolutionary that used terrorist tactics to bring down an oppressive government. South Park is pretty fucking subversive as well and it never fails to make me piss myself in laughter fits. V gets it, but only by a hair.

While South Park: BLU is wronger and funnier and more depraved than any other movie and more than any movie should be, V for Vendetta was brilliance on film, no to mention how ballsy a film it was to portray a terrorist as a hero. V had such amazing, complicasted, multi-faceted performances and was such an incredibly beautiful film all around, I gotta go with V. V for Vendetta wins!