South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut vs. In the Loop



Battle of the political satires. While I find both of these movies to be ball-achingly hilarious, I'm going to give the slight edge to "South Park", for not only being one of my favorite political satires of all time, but for also being my all-time favorite musical.

In the Loop is a really, really smart political satire. It takes it audience seriously and gives us a complicated yet understandable story with plenty of smart and funny moments. However, South Park isn't really a political satire, but a satire of pretty much everything in society. Also, it feels more, for lack of a better term, epic. It has more character arcs, interesting visuals and other things that In the Loop didn't have. Not to say that In the Loop demanded them, or was bad because of their absence, because it's simply not that type of film. But when compared to a film like South Park, it is significantly inferior. Both great and funny, though.