A Beautiful Mind vs. Gladiator



on 7/6/2009

Russell Crowe vs. Russell Crowe - I'll take mine with a side of blood please.

on 12/19/2009

Kick ass Crowe is better than crazy Crowe.

on 7/12/2010

While Gladiator sends my testosterone through the roof every time, Crowe's performance in A beutiful mind is one of the best ever, but this is a tough decision.


on 7/12/2010

Gladiator triumphs.

on 7/13/2010

Are you not entertained?!

on 8/10/2010

A Beautiful Mind is Crowe's better performance, but Gladiator is overall the better movie...and takes this matchup.

on 11/9/2010

"A Beautiful Mind" is one of my favorite movies. And Crowe's performance is better in this one. I still can't believe he won an Oscar for "Gladiator" and he didn't win for "A Beautiful Mind".

on 4/4/2012

Two of the best Russell Crowe movies, but Gladiator easily takes the cake. It was epic in every respect. And on a shallow note, Crowe is a lot more attractive in it.

on 4/26/2013

A Beautiful Mind does an effective job of showing the anguish of schizophrenia, and I've always admired the twist that occurs midway through the film. The romantic aspect of the film, however, has always struck me as clunky, for some reason. Overall, I'd say Gladiator is simply a better, less-flawed movie.

on 4/26/2013

Both are great films, but there is really only one question that needs to be asked here and it's: Are you not entertained?

on 9/18/2013

Russell Crowe's 2 greatest roles. He is better in A Beautiful Mind and it's a more demanding role with a more powerful story. Ron Howard's best work as a Director

on 5/28/2014

I respect and admire Crowes performance in Beautiful Mind its a very good and unconventional film with heart but Russell on Gladiator as a whole is Braveheart level great its so fun and action packed with a Villain that is well done such a fantastic movie one of my favorites.

on 5/29/2014

A couple of Crowe's finest. A Beautiful Mind is one of my all time favorites of any movie

on 6/16/2014

Crowe is one of the best actors of the last 20 years and often flies under the radar of the all time greats seesms Hanks and Depp &Pitt get more attention and Crowe is just as good Gladiator is the way better film and so much fun.

on 9/15/2014

A Beautiful Mind definitely

on 9/15/2014

While I love both, I'm going with Maximus...

on 9/23/2015

Beautiful mind has the slight edge here

on 10/6/2017

a beautiful mind easily.